🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Creative Uses for Social Distancing During COVID-19

I grew up in an Italian family where social gatherings, hugging, and kissing on the cheeks were the norm. I enjoy being with people. Social gatherings are a source of energy and ideas for me. Social Distancing is putting a crimp in my style. Yet, I know it’s important to flow with it. I’m putting aside hugging. I placing going to places where I can connect on the shelf. I’m rescheduling travel plans. I trying to do my small part not to get COVID-19 or to be a carrier of the beast and hurt those near me. I found a list of 15 ways to make social distancing work on the Internet. I’m only placing five here. I created a link for the complete list of the social distancing tips.

  1. Maintain a routine. As much as possible, social distancing should not disrupt your sleep-wake cycle, working hours and daily activities.
  2. Make social distancing a positive by taking time to focus on your personal health, training, diet, physical activity levels and health habits, as well as reassessing your work.
  3. Cook for yourself and others in need. Add more fruits, vegetables, vitamins and proteins to your diet. (Most U.S. adults don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables). Eat two or three meals a day.
  4. Go for a walk or exercise at home. β€œDefinitely go out in nature as much as possible. Only half of American adults today get enough exercise.”
  5. Don’t let anxiety or being at home lead to binge eating or alcohol and drug use. Don’t oversleep, but try to sleep at least seven hours a day.


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