🌾 Today’s Poem ~ One Fight More

One Fight More

Theodosia Garrison

Now, think you, Life, I am defeated quite?
    More than a single battle shall be mine
  Before I yield the sword and give the sign
    And turn, a crownless outcast, to the night.
  Wounded, and yet unconquered in the fight,
    I wait in silence till the day may shine
  Once more upon my strength, and all the line
    Of your defenses break before my might.

  Mine be that warrior’s blood who, stricken sore,
    Lies in his quiet chamber till he hears
  Afar the clash and clang of arms, and knows
    The cause he lived for calls for him once more;
  And straightway rises, whole and void of fears,
    And armed, turns him singing to his foes.

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