🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Got to Love Mushrooms

Eat Some Mushrooms – They’re Good for You

A surprising source of vitamin D? Mushrooms. The tasty vegetable is the only plant source of natural vitamin D, and foods that contain vitamin D boost serotonin in the brain, putting you in a better mood. It’s easy to increase your intake of vitamin D this way—throw some mushrooms into your breakfast omelets or lunchtime salads.   Source
As a kid, my dad took mushroom picking every fall. He picked “button mushrooms.” He guarded his mushroom picking spots the way a someone might guard expensive jewelry. I was swore to secrecy or else! I never told anyone, even when my Carlie tried to bride me with ice cream. Seriously. My mom cooked the mushrooms in EVOO, garlic and onions. Delicious.

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