🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ The Beautiful Broad Has an Attitude



Tina’s carrying Dog, the therapy dog she took off her former girlfriend after she paid her a visit for rating her out and sending her to prison.

“What I tell you about Dog? Unless you got papers proving Dog’s a therapy dog he’s not allowed in here,” says Legos.

Tina strokes Dog’s head, “You’re hurting Dog’s feelings. He didn’t do nothing to you. I’d tell you to pick on somebody your own size but I don’t know nobody your size.” Tina ignores Legos and walks over to the corner table. She stops and stares at Joey.

“Who’s the baldheaded runt?” says Tina putting Dog on the floor. Dog sniffs Joey’s leg.

“He’s not going to pee on my leg?” asks Joey.

“Nah, he’s seeing if he likes you or if you’re wearing a wire. Dog can sniff a wire out from fifty feet.”

Nick hollers, “Bring a cheap beer for Tina. Only the best for my Tinzi.”

Tina walks around the table and tosses her arms around Nick. “You sweet talking fool. You’re the only man I can hate and love at the same time and think it’s all good.”

“I wish I could find me a beautiful broad like you,” says Joey.

“Who are you, runt. Looking at you, I think you been doing time. You carry the look like you carry a piece of pizza from the microwave to the sofa,” says Tina pulling out a chair and sitting next to Nick.

Joey glances at Nick, “The beautiful broad can read me like a comic book.”

Nick looks at Tina and points a thumb toward Joey, “That’s Joey. We grew up together. You got him figured, he just got out of the joint.”

“Great, I got four ex-cons sitting at the same table,” says Legos.

“Beautiful broad, you do time, too?” says Joey.

“What is this, twenty-seven questions? My past is buried underneath the rat who turned me in.”

“Yah,” says Nick. “Tinzi don’t got no last name. She’s like Gaga or Madonna or Sinatra.”

“Sinatra was his last name,” says Legos.

“I’m talking music. Maybe you know beer, but you don’t know music,” says Nick.

“I think you are mistaken, Nick,” says Tony. “Gaga’s first name is Lady.”

Joey looks at Nick, “Your woman gots an attitude.”

Nick holds up his hands, “Slow down, Joey. Tinzi’s nobody’s woman. Nobody can own her. She walks her own sidewalk. She dances her own dance. She got a mind of her own unlike some bartender who don’t know how to mind his own mind.”

Legos says, “If you had a mind you wouldn’t talk like the way you talk.”

“How else am I sposed to talk if I don’t talk this way,” says Nick.

“Coherently,” says Legos.

“Don’t mind Legos, because he reads the paper he thinks he’s smarter than the average person who watches TV.”

Tina takes a nibble of Nick’s ear. Legos puts a cheap beer in front of Tina.

The door to The Lucky Canary opens. A bent over, thinning gray haired, slopped shouldered old guy with a twenty-year-old golfing hat, shapeless clothing, walks in with a rusty gait followed by a tall skinny guy in a hand-crafted dark silk Italian suit.

“Hey, Tune, over here,” hollers Tony.

Tuna ignores Tony, “The usual, Legos. Same for James.” He looks over to table, nods at Tina. Tuna turns back to Legos, “The beautiful broad drinking the cheap stuff? She got more class than that.”

“That’s all her boyfriend can afford,” says Legos.

“You know what she likes, bring her a bottle and a shot glass,” says Tuna shuffling over the table.

Tony gets up and pulls two chairs from an adjacent table and sets them up for Tuna and James.

“Thanks, Tone,” says Tuna taking a seat.

Joey whispers to Nick, “The Tuna calls Tony, Tone? And, Tony gets to call the Tuna, Tune?”

“It’s a sore spot with me, Joey. Don’t go there,” whispers Nick.

Legos sets two crystal wine glasses one-quarter filled with the most expensive red wine on the table in front of the Tuna and James. Legos fills a shot glass with Jack Daniels and sets the shot glass and the Jack Daniels in front of Tina.

Tina, Nick, Tiny, and Joey wait for the Tuna. The Tuna raises his glass, “May the cops always be one step behind, snitches get what’s coming to them, and a good score be waiting for all of us down the road, salute.”

Clink, clink, clink, clink, clink, and clink.

The Tuna points to James, “This person in the expensive Italian silk suit, over the calf black socks, and hair style at Del Teco’s salon is James Fonseca, my personal attorney. Before we goes any further, I gots a few questions. One, anybody here wearing a wire?”

“No, no, no. no.”

“That’s good. The second question, does everybody here know what happens if somebody here decides to rat out anybody here, this goes for you too, Legos.”

Legos rolls his eyes and pretends to read the sport’s section.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

“This is good, because what I got to asks you is confidential.”

“What’s confidential?” asks Tony. “I got a lot a confidence, is it something like that?”

James looks at Tuna. Tuna says, “He’s a good driver and knows how to keep his mouth shut.”

James nods.

“Don’t worry about it, Tone. Do what you always do, but don’t think too hard.”

“Thanks, Tune. Thinking hurts my brain,” says Tony.

“All you guys hurt my brain,” thinks Legos. “Whatever is going on, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to be called as a material witness.”

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