🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Tina Tells the Tuna, the Age Difference Doesn’t Matter LOL



“Before we work on her problem, don’t forget we were talking about who’s number one on speed dial,” says Tina.

The Tuna holds a hand up toward Tina. “Beautiful broad, we will get to the bottom of your speed dial question when we finds out Joey’s ideas. For one, I do not have a smart phone because I do not want to be bothered with people calling me wherever I am. And, second, I do not want to be tempted to talk about this thing and the other thing in public when somebody who shouldn’t hear what I am talking about is listening to me. If I had a smart phone, my Maria is number one and she would know my password. My mama did not raise me to be a fool.”

Tina turns toward Tuna, “I don’t care about the age difference, Tuna, if Maria, God forbid, dies, I’m here for you.”

Tuna tosses a smile at Tina, “You can tempt the bark off a tree, beautiful broad, but Maria owns my heart. I say this to save two lives, yours and mine.”

The Tuna turns back to the table, “Joey, is this idea better than the idea that got you tossed into the joint? If I remembers correctly, you came in here and said, ‘I got a can’t miss idea.’ Then you splains it to us but you got no takers and went solo and got busted by the cops before you got home.”

Joey takes a deep breath, “I got to admit my can’t miss idea just missed by a few minutes. How was I to know there was a silent alarm inside the pawn shop?”

Nick, still fiddling with his smart phone, says, “That’s common knowledge. It’s like the second or third thing you learn on the streets.”

“What streets?” asks Tony.

“Broad Street and Clifton,” says Legos reading about the race results at Flamingo.

Nick says, “I always thought it was Center Street and South Street. That’s where I learned it.”

“I never hung around on Center and South Streets, maybe that was my problem,” says Joey.

“One of many,” says Legos.

“The only problem I got, Legos, is you intercepting me,” says Joey.

“You mean interrupting,” says Legos flipping a newspaper page.

Joey continues, “This is my best idea ever, it’s like a can’t miss idea that can’t miss.”

“Where did I hear this before?” says Legos.

Joey bends forward toward the middle of table, “What I got to say has got to stay in The Lucky Canary.”

Nick says, “What happens in The Lucky Canary stays in The Lucky Canary.”

“Don’t wind me up tighter than duct tape around a leaking pipe,” says Legos still angry at Las Vegas for stealing his slogan.

“Stella, I know you want to stick a shive in Tony’s ribs, you got to promise not interrupt my can’t miss idea that can’t miss,” says Joey.

“Don’t you tell me what to do. From what I hear since you’ve been out of the joint you ain’t . . .”

The Tuna touches Stella’s forearm, “Angry broad, you need a shot of Jack Daniels. I think I know what you are going to say and it’s true. You don’t want to be angry at Joey because you’re angry with Tone for reasons we don’t want to talk about at the present moment. We got to unpack the anger you been packing.”

Tuna fills up Stella’s shot glass. She tosses it down. He fills it again. Stella tosses it down.

“Feeling better, angry broad?” asks the Tuna.

“I’ll feel better when I’m finished with that two timing, lying, low down skunk, who don’t know how to treat a woman. I’m foreclosing on the house of love,” says Stella.

Tony whispers in Nick’s ear, “Who’s Stella talking about?”

“Am I going to get a chance to tell the Tuna about my can’t miss idea that can’t miss?” asks Joey.

Tuna nods.

“Thank you, Tuna,” says Joey. “You all know Jimmy D.”

Tuna, Tina, Nick, and Tony all stare at Joey. Legos slides down the bar to get closer to the conversation.

Tuna, Tina, Nick, Tony, and Legos say as one as if they’ve practiced for this moment for a year, “It has something to do with Jimmy D?”

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