🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Stella Gives Lenny an Ultimatum


Meanwhile, Stella and Lenny are in a mellow state of mind in Lenny’s bedroom.

Glassy eyed Lenny says, “How do you do what you do? It’s never been done that way to me before.”

Stella turns on her side and runs a finger over Lenny’s lips, “Those are secrets, Lenny. Just think if we were together and Tony was out of the way. You’d have me to all to yourself all the time. It must be horrible for you to share me with Tony. You’re only getting half the stuff you could be getting because Tony’s getting the other half. Whatcha gonna do about it big boy?”

Lenny says, “There’s more?”

“Oh, a lot, lot more, Lenny,” coos Stella.

“I got it, can you poison him? Like stick some poison underneath a piece of pepperoni on a piece of pizza,” says Lenny.

“You don’t watch the cop shows on TV, do you Lenny?” says Stella thinking about who she can get to get rid of Lenny after Lenny gets rid of Tony.

Lenny turns toward Stella and starts kissing her ear.

Stella pushes Lenny’s head away, “I’m shutting you off until you come up with a good idea how we get rid of Tony forever. I never want to see his face or smell his body odor ever again after he’s gone.”

“You mean nothing now, or nothing forever?” asks Lenny struggling to work with two different thoughts.

“I mean never. Nothing. Nada. You got to get rid of Tony and you got to keep me out of it. I don’t want anything connecting me with anything you do. When you get rid of Tony you can get out of this place. I can’t stand it. You’re next to the overpass on the turnpike. There’s a deli below and all I can smell is garlic, onions and whatever they’re cooking.”

Lenny sits up on his forearms. He glances at the pouting Stella, “If I don’t get rid of Tony whatcha gonna do?”

“I’m gonna dump you faster than I toss trash down the trash chute,” says Stella sitting up and sliding over to the edge of the bed. Stella stands up, reaches for her clothes and begins to dress.

“Please, please Stella baby, don’t dump me. I don’t think so good. If you told me what to do, I can do it. What I need is a plan. It’s like my workout plan. Like Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I work on my upper body. On Tuesday . . .”

“I get it, Lenny,” says Stella.

“Don’t you want to know what I do on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday?” says Lenny.

Stella’s thinking, when this is all over I got to see a shrink and get help making better choices about the men I bring home. I got a glitch but I don’t know where it is. Stella says, “I gotta be going. Tony is gonna be home in a little while. I wanna take a shower and get ready for him.”

Lenny’s eyes tear up, “Is Tony gonna get the other half of the stuff I’m not getting?”

Stella wondering what the fool is talking about. “What are you talking about?”

“You know, you give me one half of the stuff you got this afternoon, now you’re gonna go home and give Tony the other half of the stuff,” says Lenny.

Stella spots a motivational opening. “I might give Tony half of the stuff you’re not getting and then give him all the stuff I’m giving you. If he gets the full treatment, maybe I don’t want to kill him. It’s been known to change a man for life.”

“I believe it,” says Lenny. “I’m begging you Stella, don’t give him anything. Save it for me.”

“Stop thinking about sex, Lenny. Start thinking how we are going to get rid of Tony. Maybe you know somebody who can give you advice. You know what I’m talking about?” says Stella.

Lenny’s up. He pulls a tight T over his chiseled chest and slips on his jeans. “I’m not sure what you mean. You want me to drive you home?”

“Lenny, I drove here. We’ll meet at Lena’s tomorrow and you better have a plan,” says Stella.

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