🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ The Beautiful Broad Needs Another Shot


Meanwhile, back at The Lucky Canary . . .

The Tuna lifts his wine glass. He sniffs it. He holds the glass up to one of the ceiling lights and swirls his glass. “Thanks, Legos. You serve me the good stuff.”

“It’s what I do, Tuna. Nothing but the good stuff for you,” says Legos secretly thankful he had one bottle left of the good wine.

The Tuna nods his head toward Joey, “You catch the new news on Channel 7?”

“I never watch the news, Tune, it represses me,” says Tony.

Legos hollers, “You mean depresses you.”

“No, I meant represses. You ever go to Mario the tailer? You can watch him press pants, press shirts, press sheets. He’ll press anything if you pay him five ninety-five. You never want to get your clothes repressed. It’s gonna cost you double and it’s gonna hurt.”

Tina taps Tuna, “What’s Tony talking about?”

The Tuna slides his shot glass toward Tina, “Beautiful broad, I don’t have a clue. Fill my glass.” Tina fills the Tuna’s shot glass and hers, they knock back their drinks.

Tuna says, “Tone, since you didn’t watch the news. You hear about the heist at the Donut Kings house on the west side?”

Tony thinks about it, then says, “Is that the same Donut King house we hit a couple of nights ago? I bet they got nothing since we almost cleaned them out.”

Legos says, “I didn’t hear that.”

“Want me repeat it?” asks Tony.

“Tone,” Tuna growls. “Stay focused on me. Capiche?”

Tony nods.

“When we hits the Donut Kings house, did you follow my rules?”

“We had rules?” asks Tony.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Tone. What was the rule I told you to follow and not to break,” says the Tuna.

Nick slides a bit further away. Tina sees Tony sweating and slides a paper napkin across the table. Joey wishes he stayed in Bridgewater. Legos is enjoying the show.

Tony wipes his brow with his forearm, “I never been asked this question before, Tune. It makes me nervous, like I might be in trouble.”

“You don’t tell me the truth, you are in more trouble than you are in now, because what I heard on the street right before I come in here was somebody was talking to Nunzio and you was the topic,” says the Tuna.

Nick, Joey, and Legos exclaim, “Nunzio?”

Tina asks, “Who’s Nunzio.”

Tuna whispers, He’s an import from Sicily with a reputation for excellent work.”

“What kind of work does he do? He a stone mason or something,” asks Tina.

Nick shakes his head no.

“Why you shaking your head, Nick? I wanna know what Nunzio does,” says Tina.

The Tuna says, “You don’t wanna know what Nunzio does because if you know what Nunzio does and word gets back to him that you know and he doesn’t know you as a trusted source, things happen.”

“Like what?” asks Tina.

“Beautiful broad, you need another shot. Your brain is in second gear because otherwise you would have figured it out about four paragraphs earlier if you know what I mean.”

Tina closes her eyes, tosses down a shot. She opens her eyes, “Oh!”

“Beautiful broad, you are back. I feels much better,” says the Tuna.

“What’s Nunzio got to do with me?” asks Tony.

“Maybe it’s because you took something out of the Donut King’s safe that you wasn’t supposed to take. Something small, fits on a woman’s finger and might be worth a hundred grand. Maybe it is something else. You take something without telling me, Tone?”


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