✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ Where Does the Idea for a Story Originate

“Nearly always in my mind a story begins with a character or characters. This holds good though the main interest of the story may be incident or the surprise of its plot. Making the story is with me the process of providing these people with things to do and say which will express them. I never began with a title (they are my plague), or a setting. Once or twice with a situation. Occasionally with a sentence which came into my mind from heaven knows where.”

~ H. C. Bailey


    1. thanks for your comment, much appreciated. I have never experienced writer’s block. Yet, I know many people who tell me that they do experience it. My advice is to write a sentence, any sentence, even if it doesn’t make sense then follow with another sentence and soon the block disappears. Have a great day. Stay Healthy. Stay strong. Ray

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