🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Nick asks Tina to Treat Him Like the Dog He Is



The Tuna refills Tina’s shot glass, “I’ll take it from here. “Nick, why have you not fallen to your knees and begged the beautiful broad to marry you? You think you are gonna get another shot at someone like her? A woman like the beautiful broad is like my Maria, they come around once in a lifetime.”

Tina reaches over and throws her arms around the Tuna and kisses him on his cheek.

“Easy beautiful broad, easy now,” says the Tuna. “I am glad you are not wearing lipstick because I would have explaining to do to Maria.”

“Tinzi, Tinzi, Tinzi you gotta help me here. Sometimes I don’t know what I am doing. When I know what I am doing I wonder why I was doing what I didn’t know what I was doing. Treat me like the dog that I am,” says Nick.

Tina touches the Tuna’s arm, “What he say? No way I’m gonna scratch his hairy belly like I scratch Dog’s belly. He’ll start kicking his leg at me.”

The Tuna waves a hand. “Beautiful broad, I known Nick since he was a little kid stealing apples from Astudo’s. God gave him a head of hair most women want to run their hands through. He got a personality that makes up for his stupidity. Nobody I ever known can stay mad at him.”

“I know what you mean, Tuna. Why can’t he have a brain to go with his looks and charm?” asks Tina.

The Tuna touches Tina’s forearm, “Beautiful broad, some things can’t be explained. God works in strange ways. If the fool deletes Yvonne’s name from his contacts and blocks her, can you give him a week to propose? If he don’t propose within a week, kick his sorry ass out the door.”

Nick says, “I can live with that, Tinzi.”

Tina says, “I can live with that, Nick.”

Tony says, “Legos turn up the volume. They got breaking news on Channel 4 with the hot reporter, Marcy Stankowski. I wish I had her number. Think if I wait for her when she gets off work and follow her, she’ll notice me?”

“That’s called stalking. You’d be like a bug on her windshield. She’d spray the windshield fluid and wipe you out of her life. You got nothing going for you,” says Legos.

“You’re wrong, Legos. Broads like bad boys. If I see her at a bar this is pick up line I’m gonna use, ‘You wanna meet a bad boy?” asks Tony.

The Tuna, Tina and Legos start laughing and their laughter grows into a roaring tsunami. The Tuna takes a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes his eyes. He says, “Turn up the volume.”

Legos points the remote toward the large screen TV behind the bar.

“I’m Marcy Stankowski for Channel 4 Flash News. We’re the first, the foremost, and the fastest with breaking news. Minutes ago, the Chief of Police announced the capture of the notorious mob hitman, Nunzio and his partner, Stella Romano. Romano was driving a car stolen earlier today from the warden at the Bridgewater minimum security prison. She claims her former boyfriend gave it to her. In a related story, police are questioning the warden at Bridgewater minimum security prison and asking how a Lexus car stolen from a doctor at Mass General Hospital ended up in his parking place.

The Tuna raises his wine glass, “To Joey, he sold the warden’s car to Lenny. He heists a doctor’s wheels and puts it in the warden’s spot. Nice move.”

Clink, clink, clink, clink.

Nick says, “How’d the cops hear about Nunzio and Stella?”

The Tuna says, “The phone call I got from someone who’s name I won’t mention, tells me that Stella and Nunzio are planning to kill Tone. The aforesaid also told me that Stella is driving the car Lenny bought earlier this morning. I put a few things together, know Lenny has a hard time figuring out which feet to put his shoes on. I got to figure he bought it from Joey. I make a call to Reilly. He got a big bust, now he owes me big time.”

Tuna raises his wine glass, “To Reilly who owes me big time and I plan to collect.”

Clink, clink, clink, clink.

Nick says, “When does my seven days start to propose to Tinzi, tomorrow?”

The Tuna says, “It’s started, fool.

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