🌾 Today’s Poem ~ I Have Walked Many Roads

I Have Walked Many Roads

Antonio Machado

I have walked many roads
I have opened many sidewalks;
I have sailed in a hundred seas
and docked on a hundred banks.

Everywhere I have seen
caravans of sadness,
proud and melancholic
drunks of black shadow.

And pedants to the cloth
who look, keep quiet and think
they know why they don’t drink
the wine from the taverns.

Bad people who walk
and the earth stinks …

And everywhere I have seen
people who dance or play,
when they can and they work
its four spans of land.

Never if they get to a site
they ask where they get to.
When they walk, they ride
on the back of an old mule.

And they don’t know the rush
not even on holidays.
Where there is wine, they drink wine,
where there is no wine, fresh water.

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