🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Tina Shows Up Flashing an Ice Pick – Oh Oh!



The next afternoon. The Tuna and Tony sit at the corner table in The Lucky Canary. The Tuna has a crystal wine glass in front of him filled exactly one-quarter full of the best red wine The Lucky Canary has to offer. A shot glass and full bottle of Jack Daniels is on the table in front of the empty chair to the Tuna’s left. Tony is sipping from a can of cheap beer. Roxie’s sitting at the bar nursing Johnnie Walker in a shot glass. Legos is behind the bar reading the Boston Globe sports section. The door to The Lucky Canary flies open. It bangs against the wall bouncing back and slamming shut.

The Tuna glances at Tony, “The beautiful broad arrived. Don’t say nothing, she might be trigger happy with the ice pick.”

Tony makes a zipping motion across his lips.

Legos glances toward the door. “I hope the glass doesn’t break the next time she opens it. You guys want to hide behind the counter if she comes in with an automatic weapon?”

The Tuna sips his wine. “The beautiful broad prefers the icepick. Nice, neat and don’t leave much blood. She’ll be okay after a couple of shots.”

The door slams open rattling the frosted glass window with The Lucky Canary embossed over a yellow canary. A tattooed arm juts out stopping the door from closing. A therapy dog comes running in and slides to a stop. Tina steps in and stops behind the therapy dog, a handbag over her left shoulder, an ice pick in her right hand. She says, “Find him, Dog.”

Dog sits on his haunches. He’s not sure of the command. Dog’s human language data base consists of six words, eat, snack, nice dog, leash, shake, and Dog.

Tina scans the room. She sees the Tuna and Tony at the table. She sees Roxie at the bar and Legos behind the bar. “Where is he? Nick never come home last night. He didn’t call. He didn’t text. He didn’t do nothing. His time’s up. We’re through. We’re done. It’s over.”

The Tuna waves a hand without turning around. “Beautiful broad come on over and have a pull or two. Nick worked late last night. I made him stay at my house when we finished. Nick has a couple of last minute things to do for me first thing this morning.”

Tina and Dog walk over to the table. Tina takes a seat and grabs hold of the Jack Daniels bottle. She tilts her head back, closes her eyes, brings the Jack Daniels to her lips letting the liquid flow into her mouth and straight down to her belly. The Tuna puts a hand on the bottle and applies a gentle pressure tilting the bottle down. “Slow down, beautiful broad. Let Jack work the magic a bit at a time,” says the Tuna.

Tina looks at the Tuna, “Tuna, why? Why me, Tuna? Why did you let Nick leave me the way he did without telling me to my face? I can take it. I wouldn’t hurt too bad. I’ll get over losing Nick in five or six years.”

The Tuna puts his hand on Tina’s forearm, “Who said Nick left you? He didn’t tell me nothing about leaving you.”

“He didn’t leave me?” says Tina. “Wait till I get my hands on him for making me worry.”

The Tuna says, “Nick got until four today to propose. It’s been a struggle. Maybe he’s down at the grotto praying. Maybe he’s inside St. Anthony’s lighting candles. Maybe he’s doing something else. Nick got a good heart, a weak brain, and a way with words that make a politician envious.”

Tony interrupts, “Maybe he’s down by the harbor and is gonna jump in with weights tied to his legs.”

The Tuna glances at Tony, “Anybody talking to you?”

“Un uh,” says Tony. “I was jus trying to help.”

Tina says, “Tuna, the way you say it, gives me hope. I didn’t see Yvonne today. What if they run off together to Vegas?”

The Tuna taps Tina’s arm, “Beautiful broad, you are making up stuff that is turning you inside and out. I’m gonna ease your mind. You got nothing to worry about with Yvonne taking Nick from you. She got an incentive from me to move to a different apartment outside the neighborhood and take Nick off her smart phone.”

Roxie is playing with her playlist. Finds a song she likes, hits play and starts singing.

I got the blues

I waited and wailed deep in the night

Waiting for his call

Listening for his footsteps

They never came.

I got the blues

I got them bad.

The blues got nothing on me, Roxie. My heart is as blue as the sky,” says Tina.

“What if it is cloudy, which it is most of the time around here. Is your heart gray or blue?” asks Tony.

“Was I talking to you?” says Tina.

“Tune, is this one of those times I need to keep quiet?” asks Tony.

The Tuna nods.

A silence falls over the table. Roxie is searching for more blues music to fit the mood when the door to The Lucky Canary opens.

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