🍎 Today’s Health Question ~ Will Going Outside With Wet Hair Make You Sick?

Answer: No, it won’t – wait second, there’s an unless . . . read on.

This myth is dangerously logical. You’ve just scrubbed yourself clean, and you’ve got a head of cold, wet hair — you’ve never been more exposed to the germs and viruses flying around in the air outside. It turns out, though, that leaving the house just after a shower isn’t going to make you sick… unless you’re already sick, that is.In 2005, researchers tested the hypothesis that chilling your body increases your chances of being infected with the common cold virus, also known as acute viral nasopharyngitis. Their results found that, no, it doesn’t. But it can cause the onset of symptoms if the virus is already in your body. So if you’re afraid that you might be sick but have a very important meeting tomorrow, you may want to blow-dry your hair before you leave the house.


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