🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Tony Tells Roxie He’ll Take Her to the Promise Land



The door to The Lucky Canary opens. Roxie steps into The Lucky Canary wearing her trademark clinging jeans and clinging off the shoulder blouse.

Tony’s out of his seat. He hurries to the door, slides down to one knee, and with arms outstretched, says, “Roxie, Roxie, Roxie I left my heart in The Lucky Canary. From the beer smelling stale odor it calls to me. Where subways run underground most of the way to the stars.”

“You get permission to make a mess of I Left My Heart in San Francisco?” asks Roxie.

Tony says, “I didn’t leave my heart in San Francisco. I left it in The Lucky Canary with you. Will you marry me?”

Roxie looks down at Tony who’s peering up at her as is he is Dog looking for a treat. Roxie says, “No.”

Tony doesn’t miss a beat, “I’ll grow on you like moss on a gravestone. Will you go to dinner with me tonight? We can go to Caruso’s pizza. Please, please, please say yes.”

“Get off the floor, Tony, it’s dirty,” says Roxie.

Tony stands up, “Roxie, you been living in the dark too long. I’m dedicating my life to making you happy. You look like a woman who needs a real good time. I’m the guy who can take you to the promise land.”

Roxie glances at Tony, pats him on the shoulder, “Nice try, you’re improving. Try deep breathing and meditation it’ll help with your blood pressure.”

Roxie glances at the bar, she sees Bogey. She walks over to the bar and sits across from Legos as far away from Bogey as possible.

Tony heads back to the corner table. He looks back at Roxie sitting on a stool at the bar. He calls over, “Thanks, Roxie. You didn’t say no. I’ll check back in after you settle in with Johnnie.”

Roxie slides on a stool and nods to Legos, “Does he ever quit?”

Legos glances at Tony. He looks back at Roxie, “When Tony’s in love, his mind shuts down. He was in love with Stella and she was going to kill him. We had to do an intervention to get his head screwed on correctly. I’m not sure we succeeded.”

“He’s kinda cute,” says Roxie.

“Oh, oh,” says Legos.

Bogey turns toward Roxie, “Is that guy your main squeeze? Bogey’s an upgrade over anything in this place.”

Nick places a hand on Tony’s shoulder, “Easy, let Roxie handle it.”

Roxie gives Bogey a quick look, reaches into her handbag, pulls out her iPhone, scrolls through her music and plays some background music. She counts in three measures and sings the blues slow with an edge.

I done my time

Sitting at the bar with slime

He’ll sweettalk, wine and dine you

Then play you for the fool

I’m done being played

I got one man who won’t let me down.

That’s why I keep Johnnie Walker around.

“Sing it, Roxie,” shouts Tony. “I won’t let you down, ever. I promise. Me and Johnnie Walker, we’re with you, Roxie.”

“Bogey bothers you, I got your back, sister,” says Tina pulling out her icepick.

Bogey says, “Who’s Johnnie Walker? He a neighborhood guy? Walker doesn’t sound Italian.”

Nick cracks his knuckles.

Legos says, “The guy cracking his knuckles boxed Golden Gloves and professionally.”

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