🌾 Today’s Poem ~ To Youth After Pain

To Youth After Pain

Margaret Widdemer 

What if this year has given
    Grief that some year must bring,
  What if it hurt your joyous youth,
    Crippled your laughter’s wing?
  You always knew it was coming,
    Coming to all, to you,
  They always said there was suffering—
    Now it is done, come through.

  Even if you have blundered,
    Even if you have sinned,
  Still is the steadfast arch of the sky
    And the healing veil of the wind….
  And after only a little,
    A little of hurt and pain,
  You shall have the web of your own old dreams
    Wrapping your heart again.

  Only your heart can pity
    Now, where it laughed and passed,
  Now you can bend to comfort men,
    One with them all at last,
  You shall have back your laughter,
    You shall have back your song,
  Only the world is your brother now,
    Only your soul is strong!

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