🌾 Today’s Poem ~ Sleep Song

Sleep Song

Henry Van Dyke

 Forget, forget!
           The tide of life is turning;
         The waves of light ebb slowly down the west:
       Along the edge of dark some stars are burning
     To guide thy spirit safely to an isle of rest.
           A little rocking on the tranquil deep
             Of song, to soothe thy yearning,
           A little slumber and a little sleep,
                And so, forget, forget!

                   Forget, forget,—
           The day was long in pleasure;
         Its echoes die away across the hill;
       Now let thy heart beat time to their slow measure
     That swells, and sinks, and faints, and falls, till all is still.
            Then, like a weary child that loves to keep
              Locked in its arms some treasure,
            Thy soul in calm content shall fall asleep,
                And so forget, forget.

                   Forget, forget,—
           And if thou hast been weeping,
         Let go the thoughts that bind thee to thy grief:
       Lie still, and watch the singing angels, reaping
     The golden harvest of thy sorrow, sheaf by sheaf;
            Or count thy joys like flocks of snow-white sheep
              That one by one come creeping
            Into the quiet fold, until thou sleep,
                And so forget, forget!

                   Forget, forget,—
           Thou art a child and knowest
         So little of thy life! But music tells
       One secret of the world thro' which thou goest
     To work with morning song, to rest with evening bells:
            Life is in tune with harmony so deep
              That when the notes are lowest
            Thou still canst lay thee down in peace and sleep,
                For God will not forget.

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