🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Roxie Says the World Has Gone Crazy, At Least Inside The Lucky Canary – LOL


Meanwhile back at The Lucky Canary . . .

“Tone, you and Joey go see, Mario Fanetti. Tell Mario I got an important express job. I want gas and electricity inspector IDs for you and Nick. Joey, when you get back to Bridgewater ask Charlie to forge an official letter from the Ukraine to Wilson Van Worthington. I want this done today, then bring it to me.”

“What if they haven’t replaced the warden’s car? How am I gonna get back?” asks Joey.

The Tuna is wondering when the world become stupid. He says, “Steal the assistant warden’s car.”

“That’s thinking outside the prison cell, Tuna,” says Joey.

Roxie knocks back a shot of Johnnie Walker. Legos rubs his temples.

The Tuna motions with his thumb and forefinger to Tina. Tina reaches into her purse and hands the Tuna a pen. The Tuna takes a Lucky Canary embossed napkin and writes something on it.”

The Tuna folds the napkin and hands the napkin to Joey, “Tell Charlie the letter has to say this, he can work with it. Charlie will know what I mean. I don’t care what Ukrainian name he uses. Tell Charlie I will remember this favor when he comes up for parole.”

“You mean ukulele, not U cranium? Right, Tune?” asks Tony trying to sound smart.

“Huh?” says Tuna.

“Let me stick him, please,” says Tina.

“Tuna, when I go back to Bridgewater, can I park the city car in the Warden’s space if it is empty? He needs a new car. I don’t think he liked the hearse. He’s a nice guy. He don’t hassle nobody,” asks Joey.

Roxie taps Legos on the arm, “Let me get this right. Joey’s serving time in the minimum security prison in Bridgewater.”

Legos, “Right.”

Roxie, “Joey steals the warden’s car when he wants to come to the neighborhood.”

Legos, “Right.”

Roxie, “Joey leaves the warden’s car in the neighborhood and steals another  car.”

Legos, “Right.”

Roxie, “He goes back to Bridgewater and parks the stolen car in the warden’s parking place.”

Legos, “Right.”

Roxie, “Nobody at the prison can figure out who is stealing the warden’s car and returning a stolen car in its place.”

Legos, “Right.”

Roxie, “Tony thinks the Ukraine is really Ukulele?”

Legos, “Right.”

Roxie, “Has the world gone nuts, or am I just imagining it has?”

Legos, “The world is certified looney.”


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