🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Tina Will Die Before She Rats on the Tuna



The Tuna turns to Legos, “Put the closed sign up. I don’t want no interruptions for next twenty minutes. Nick, Tony, Joey, and the beautiful broad and me got lots to talk about.”

Roxie calls over, “You want me to go for a walk?”

The Tuna says, “You need exercise, go for a walk. If you don’t need exercise, I’m good with you. You’re good people.”

Roxie says, “Tina, I got second dibs on the Tuna if, God forbid, anything happens to Maria. If you get sent up, can I move up if I promise to move back when you break out?”

Tina nods.

The Tuna says, “Tina, I want you to call Marcy Stankowski and meet her for coffee tomorrow about 10.”

“Tuna, she doesn’t know me from nowhere. Why will she want to meet with me?” asks Tina.

“She’ll want to meet with you because you are gonna tell her you got proof that is gonna lead to the arrest and conviction of the leader of the Dollar Store bandits. And, you gonna tell her you got dirt on a big shot that’s gonna get Marcy a network gig.”

“Never, Tuna. I will die first before rat you out. I love you. I think I love you more than Maria loves you even though she is your soul mate,” says Tina.

“What about me? We’re engaged,” says Nick.

Tina glances at Nick. “First of all, you are not in the Tuna’s league. Second, I got a ring and an engagement, but I don’t see you in a hurry to set a date or talk about a wedding.”

Nick tries to change the subject, “I don’t mind playing second base to the Tuna, Tinzi.”

Legos calls over, “You mean second fiddle.”

“What’s a fiddle? I never heard of a fiddle. Is it like fried fish? St. Anthony’s has a fish fry on Friday’s during Lent. This year I’m gonna give up training for the marathon for Lent.”

Legos says, “You never trained for the marathon.”

Nick says, “That’s why I’m gonna give it up. If Father Pat sees me on the street and asks me how I’m doing with my Lent sacrifice, I can tell him I’m on it. See how much smarter I am than you, Legos?”

Roxie taps Legos forearm, “What does Tina see in him?”

Legos whispers, “According to Tina, Nick has the hair and body of a super hero, and he sweet talks like Sinatra sings.”

Roxie says, “Tina compares Nick to Sinatra?”

Legos nods.

Roxie says, “I admit he has great hair. But, Nick, a super hero?”

Legos nods.

The Tuna says, “Nick, I want you to call Yvonne and tell her I need a favor.”

Tina says, “Tuna, no, please, don’t do it. Yvonne’s set is not real and that makes no difference to Nick, he’ll lose control. Yvonne gives him the shake and bake and he’s cooked. Please don’t do it, Tuna.”

Tuna pats Tina’s forearm, “Beautiful broad, Yvonne got gifts and she knows how to use them. Nick will not get involved with her or he answers to me.”

“I love you, Tuna,” says Tina.

Tuna smiles and says, “Tomorrow is Thursday. Thursdays, Van Worthington has lunch at Dominiques downtown. He meets a different lady for lunch every Thursday. After lunch, Van Worthington and his lady go to Van Worthington’s downtown condo, which his wife knows nothing about.”

Tina says, “I think I see where this is going.”

Nick says, “He looking to sell his condo to one of the broads?”

Roxie touches Lego’s forearm, “What world is he living in?”

Lego’s says, “Even NASA scientists can’t figure that one out.”

The Tuna says, “Nick, when we leave here, you call Yvonne. Tell Yvonne, you got to speak to her personally about a favor I want done. Do not tell her on the phone. Do not text her. When you talk to her, make sure nobody can hear what you are saying.”

“Can I meet her for drinks?” asks Nick.

“You want an ice pick in your ribs?” asks Tina.

“Tell her you will meet her for coffee tomorrow morning at Nonna’s Coffee House on South Street. Keep your eyes on her eyes, do not let them roam. I don’t want your brain confused. You understand.”

Nick say, “Do I have to?”

“Nick, I see the look in your eyes. Your eyes are glazing over. If I smell so much of a hint of Yvonne on you, you are the walking dead,” says Tina.

“I can’t help my animal magnets,” says Nick.

“Magnetism,” says Legos.

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