🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Bogey’s Not Normal, He’s Paranormal – LOL


Meanwhile . . . back at Lena’s . . .

Bogey stands next to the rear booth. Stella glances away from her iPhone and glances up at Bogey, “You come to give me my share of the reward for sending the Dollar Store bandits to Cedar Junction?”

Bogey says, “Bogey says it’s only a matter of time before Bogey drops the dime on the Dollar Store bandits.”

“You still talking in third person? No normal person talks in third person. Talking in third person only happens in some blog where this guy writes about low life characters,” says Stella.

“Bogey says Bogey’s not normal, he’s paranormal,” says Bogey.

“Do you know what that word means?” says Stella.

“What word, Bogey or that?” says Bogey.

Lena nudges Al. “Keep an eye on Stella, if she has a gun her handbag it’s two to one she empties it in him and walks out of here.”

Al reaches for his wallet and takes out a dollar and lays it on the counter.

Lena says, “You’re covered.”

Stella says, “Why are you wearing the Dollar Store bandit disguise? The cops see you, they might think you’re one of the bandits.”

Bogey chuckles, “Bogey says it’s part of the trap Bogey’s setting to catch the banditos. Bogey’s also fluent in Mexican. Bogey’s got intel the car parked in front of this joint belongs to the leader of the Dollar Store banditos. Bogey hears the leader doesn’t want anybody sitting in his car. Tomorrow, Bogey’s gonna sit in the driver’s seat. Bogey will have his gun on his lap, and when the Dollar Store bandito leader shows up. Bogey is gonna make a citizen’s arrest. Bogey’s gonna collect ten grand. There’s a couple hundred in it if you sit with me to make it look like we’re a couple.”

Stella says, “I want fifty percent.”

Bogey says, “Five hundred.”

Stella says, “Forty percent.”

Bogey says, “A grand.”

Stella says, “Deal.”

Lena scratches the scratch off card Bogey gave her. She says, “Al, Al, Al, if the next space has a W on it I win ten grand. I’ve never been this close before.”

Al glances away from the TV screen, “Go for it.”

Lena scratches, “I won. I won. I won. I won. I won ten grand.”

Bogey looks over his shoulder, “Was that the ticket Bogey gave you?”

Lena glances at Bogey, “Nah. Your ticket was a loser.”

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