🍎 Today’s Health Question ~ Want To Super Charge Your Antioxidant Game?

Super Charge Your Antioxidant Game

Every day, your body is under attack. Molecules called free radicals harm your cells and DNA. This damage wears down your immune system. It may play a role in aging and diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.To protect against free radicals, you need antioxidants. These chemicals can stop and even reverse some the damage to your cells. Your body makes some antioxidants naturally. You also get them through the foods you eat. Some antioxidants are vitamins, while others are minerals. Plant compounds called phytochemicals also act as antioxidants. Eating a healthy diet will give you many of the antioxidants you need. Fill your plate with a mix of colorful fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Not only do they provide antioxidants, they’re loaded with other vitamins and minerals, to boot.



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