🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Tony’s Got Roxie Singing the Blues


Legos walks back to the bar, adds another cheap beer to the tray and takes the tray to the corner table. He sets the tray down, slides cheap beers to Nick, Tony, and Joey. He set out the nuts, eggs, and pickles in the center of the table. Legos places the shot glass in front of Tina, opens the Jack Daniels and fills her shot glass and sets the Jack Daniels down next to the shot glass. Legos fills the Tuna’s crystal wine glass exactly one quarter full with an expensive red wine and sets it in front of the Tuna. He places the bottle of expensive red wine on the table near the Tuna.

The Tuna nods and says, “Thank you, Legos, you got us covered.”

Tony says, “Where are the pretzels? It’s Thursday and Thursdays is the day I like to eat pretzels with my cheap beer.”

“You want pretzels? Go next door to Astudo’s and buy yourself a bag. Do I look like meals on wheels?”

Tony looks confused. He turns toward Nick, “I never seen a meal on a wheel? Is this something new? I don’t think it will catch on because most people I know like their food on a plate and not on a wheel.”

Tony glances over to Roxie, “How bout you, Roxie? You like to eat a meal on a plate or a wheel? If I brought you a meal on a wheel will you marry me?”

Roxie reaches into her handbag, pulls out her iPhone. Searches for blues background music. She finds a beat she likes. She counts in two measure then starts singing.

The world’s going round and round

Every time I get on

I’m meeting a clown.

I got to get off

Find me a place

I don’t need much space

I want to get off before it’s too late.

Tony’s standing on his chair whistling. He stops whistling and says, “You’re singing the truth, Roxie. I got a small basement apartment, it’s perfect for two. Want me help you move your stuff in?”

Roxie stares at Tony. Her mind refuses to arrange words in a coherent sentence. The words float around in her brain unable to connect with each other.

Legos taps Roxie’s arm, “I’ll handle it.”

Legos gives Tony a look. He says, “Roxie takes no hook up invitations when she’s working.”

Tony says, “When she off work?”

Legos says, “Never.”

Roxie whispers, “I owe you, Legos.”

“Forget it. The night crowd is great since you’ve been singing. I’m the one who owes you,” says Legos.

Tony whispers to Nick, “You think Legos means that? It’s got to be against the law to work twenty-four hours a day. You think Tune’s lawyer, James, Jim, or whatever his name is will sue Legos to free Roxie?”

The Tuna points at Joey compensating for his crooked index finger and says, “Tone, stay out of it. Roxie wants to get involved with you, it’s up to her.”

“You think I’m coming on too strong, Tune?” asks Tony.

Tina taps the Tuna’s forearm, “His brain don’t work right. You think it’s the water in the neighborhood or in his genes?”

“I was thinking of buying new jeans this weekend,” says Tony.

Legos can’t help himself, “Tuna, you know anything about the crowd of police cars by Lena’s?”

Tuna half turns toward Legos, “What would make you think I might know something about what is happening?”

Legos fearing he might be rubbing the Tuna the wrong way says, “I was only thinking you usually know everything that’s happening in the neighborhood, sometimes even before it happens.”

Nick says, “Legos is right, Tuna. You got the inner eye that lets you see things before they actually happen. Member when you said, The Lip Luchese might end up with the fishes and two weeks later one of the fishing boats finds The Lip in its net.”

The Tuna says, “I don’t remember that. You must have heard it from somebody else or you dreamed it. Me, I never threaten anybody. Me and Maria we just trying to make it through. Anybody else here, hear that?”

Tony covers his ears with his hands. Joey inspects the threads on his orange jump suit. Tina’s filing her fingernails. Legos polishes the bar. Roxie has Johnnie Walker to her lips and is letting the liquid run straight through.”

Nick says, “I made a mistake. I think it was something Dog said.”

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