🤗 A Better Life ~ Helping an Old Friend

My next-door neighbor was 94 years old. I was walking by her house one fall morning and saw her raking leaves. I stopped to chat with her. After chatting for five minutes, she told me she had no more time to talk with me. She had to go and take care of her old friend. I asked her the age of her friend. I assumed her friend was close to 100. She told me her friend was 83 years old. Lily had a purpose for living. It got her up each day. And, it gave her something to live for. What gets you up in the morning? What are you living for?


  1. Beautiful message for all of us! Thank you for sharing.
    I have experienced something similar with a lovely lady that was running every day in the park opposite to my place. It did not matter if it was a rainy day or a sunny one, she was there day after day. I was watching her for weeks and one day I went and joined her for run and she was a very beautiful soul. I wanted to ask her, what is her motivation for doing that every day? She said many things, but one that stuck with me was ” every time I open my eyes, I say YES I’m here”. I think I have a video somewhere, I’ll may share a link for that. It was so inspiring to me as this post you have just shared.

    1. Mari, Thank you for your comments. I was inspired by your story. Your story, as shared on your blog, is amazing. You have a no quit, don’t give up attitude. God bless you and those you love. Ray

    1. Mari, Thank you for sharing the video. What I enjoyed most was the love of life the both of you shared. The two of you gave me shivers. Stay strong. Stay healthy. Ray

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