🍎 Today’s Health Question ~ Is There an Immune System Boosting Diet?

Answer: Yes, you can boost your immune system through your diet.

Is there an immune-boosting diet? The answer is yes — but there is no need to download or print a list of specific superfoods for your next shopping trip.Β “You’re not going to see the benefit that you want to see by eating a large amount of one single nutrient or food component,” Meydani explained.Β That’s because the body’s cellular immune response relies on harmonious interactions between different micronutrients found in a huge variety of whole foods.Β Therefore, the best route to a healthy immune system is to eat a large variety of fresh and colorful red, yellow, orange, blue and green fruits and vegetables each day, along with some high-quality whole grains, a bit of lean protein and a splash of healthy oils.

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