🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Nothing Makes Sense in The Lucky Canary, Well, Almost LOL


Joey comes bursting through the door in his orange, Bridgewater minimum security, Correctional Prison, jumpsuit. He waves to Legos, “The cops are after me. I think I lost them. If they come in, don’t tell them you saw me.”

Joey zigzags between the tables and heads for the men’s bathroom. Twenty seconds later, the door to The Lucky Canary slams open and two policemen burst in with guns draw.

Nick hollers, “What’s up Reilly? You looking for the Donut King? It’s a block over.”

Reilly, the shorter and more rotund of the two policemen, stops and looks at Nick, “You seen a guy in an orange jumpsuit come in here?”

Tony says, “What’s he look like?”

Reilly says, “He looks like he’s wearing an orange jumpsuit.”

Nick says, “I’m colorblind in my left eye ever since I boxed Golden Gloves. Do you mean a red jumpsuit?”

Reilly says, “I thought you said you were color blind, how did you know it was red?”

“The last thing I read was the sports page,” says Nick.

“We saw the orange jumpsuit come in The Lucky Canary. We was staking out Lena’s because that’s where orange jumpsuit been ditching the warden’s cars. We caught a break when we see him get out of a state car in the middle of the block. The car belongs the to Bridgewater Correctional Prison’s warden,” says Reilly’s partner, Flanagan.

Tony says, “I thought it was the Dollar Store bandit guy you caught that was stealing the warden’s cars. You making this stuff up to look important? You guys are wasting your time. You could be at the Donut King eating donuts and sipping hot coffee. It’s too cold to do anything else.”

Reilly says, “You talking about Bogey? They dropped the charges on him. They sent him off for 30 days mental observation. He always talks in the third person. You ever see Bogey in here?”

Nick nods no. Tony nods no.

Reilly’s partner, Flanagan says, “Reilly, according the union contract, it’s time for our break. I’m jonesing donuts.”

Reilly checks his waterproof, shock proof, always accurate to a tenth of second, ten dollar watch he got from a street merchant for five bucks and says, “Thanks, Flanagan.” Reilly holsters his gun, then gestures toward Legos, “If you see the orange suit, you tell him if I catch him he’s going back to Bridgewater in the back seat of a police car.”

Nick says, “Does it have heated seats? If it does, maybe orange or red suit will surrender.”

Flanagan says, “Reilly, what’s that guy talking about?”

Reilly says, “This your first time in The Lucky Canary?”

Flanagan says, “Uh huh.”

Reilly says, “Nothing in this place makes sense.”

Reilly and Flanagan leave. Joey comes out of the men’s bathroom. He calls over to Legos, “I could use a cheap beer.”

Legos says, “I could use a plumber.”

Joey says, “What’s the problem? I was a plumber’s assistant until I got busted for stealing jewelry in a rich broad’s house.”

Legos looks at Joey, “You being straight with me?”

Joey says, “I’m straight. I always been straight.”

Tony says, “Joey’s right. He only goes with broads.”

Legos takes a deep breath, “I mean you’re not B S’ing me?”

“What you got?” asks Joey.

“A frozen pipe,” says Legos.

“You got a hair dryer?” asks Joey.

Nick, Tony, and Joey laugh and fist bump.

“Nice,” says Legos.

“Seriously. You got a space heater. I’ll take care of the pipe. No charge, just free drinks,” says Joey.

“Thanks, drinks are on me,” says Legos.

The door to The Lucky Canary swings open . . .

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