🌾 Today’s Poem ~ Dedication


Robert W. Service

In youth I longed to paint
    The loveliness I saw;
And yet by dire constraint
    I had to study Law.
But now all that is past,
    And I have no regret,
For I am free at last
         Law to forget.

To beauty newly born
    With brush and tube I play;
And though my daubs you scorn,
    I’ll learn to paint some day.
When I am eighty old,
    Maybe I’ll better them,
And you may yet behold
         A gem.

Old Renoir used to paint,
    Brush strapped to palsied hand;
His fervour of a saint
    How I can understand.
My joy is my reward,
    And though you gently smile,
Grant me to fumble, Lord,
         A little while!


    1. Thank you for your comment, Phyllis. The best is yet to come, hold your arms out wide to catch all the good things heading your way. Stay healthy. Stay strong. Ray

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