🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Will Linda Get Sent Back to Maximum Security?


Reilly and Flanagan come through the door. Joey dives under the table going eyeball to eyeball with Dog.

Reilly glances at the table, “Ah, Linda Pino, we heard you were heading back to the neighborhood.”

The Tuna whispers, “Who did you tell?”

Linda says, “Everybody on my wing. You think I shoulda kept quiet?”

The Tuna whispers, “Joey’s got it down. He’s not the brightest bulb in The Lucky Canary but he works Bridgewater like he’s the chef at a five star restaurant.”

Reilly comes over to the table with the cuffs. “We gonna take you back to Framingham. Don’t be surprised if you go back to maximum security.”

The Tuna glances at Reilly, “Reilly, I want a private word with Linda. She’s not going anywhere. You and Flanagan quench your thirst at the bar, it’s on me.”

Reilly and Flanagan head to the bar. Legos has two chilled Sam Adams, and bowls of nuts and pretzels waiting for the boys in blue.

The Tuna takes Linda’s hand and motions her close to him. He whispers something in her ear. Linda nods. The Tuna keeps whispering. Linda keeps nodding.

Tony whispers to Nick, “Can you read lips?”

Nicks says, “I can’t read lips, but I got ten bucks says Linda doesn’t go back to max.”

The Tuna pushes away from the table, gets up and walks over to the bar. He settles in standing between Reilly and Flanagan and the table. Flanagan moves side to side trying to see around the Tuna keeping an eye on the table.

The Tuna says, “You gotta talk to Flanagan, let him know how things work around here.”

“He’s fresh on the force, Tuna. He thinks everything goes by the book. He doesn’t understand how it works in the neighborhood,” says Reilly sipping on his Sam Adams.

The Tuna says, “Linda’s a small time bust. You’re not gonna score any points. You wanna score points, maybe it’s something that can happen.”

Reilly says, “Maybe I didn’t see Linda Pino.”

Flanagan says, “She’s right over in the corner, Reilly. I see her.”

Reilly looks at Flanagan, “You sure that’s Linda Pino? You ask for ID? Maybe the broad picked up the orange jump suit at a thrift store. You get sued for false arrest during your first year, you’ll be working traffic the rest of your life.”

Flanagan says, “Can I ask her for ID?”

Reilly says, “Do you walk down the street asking people who are behaving to see their ID?”

“Un uh,” says Flanagan. “You think it could be a bad idea?”

The Tuna whispers something to Reilly. Reilly nods his head. Reilly turns toward Flanagan, “You know the difference between a broad and dame?”

“They didn’t teach that in the academy. I don’t know the difference. What is it?” asks Flanagan.

Reilly raises his voice so anyone in The Lucky Canary can hear him. He says, “If the orange suit is a broad, she’s probably Linda Pino. If she’s a dame, she’s probably not Linda Pino and came in here by accident. Ask her if she is a broad or a dame. Will that make you feel better?”

Flanagan smiles, “It sure will. I’m really happy you’re my mentor, Reilly.”

Roxie whispers to Legos, “What happens to people when they come in here?”

“Hard to say,” says Legos.

Flanagan stands up and says, “Hey orange jump suit, you a dame or a broad.”

Linda Pino points to her chest, “You talking me? That’s not the way you talk to a dame. Show some respect.”

Flanagan turns to Reilly, “She’s a dame, it can’t be Linda Pino.”

Roxie taps Legos forearm, “What’s the cutoff score for the police academy?”

“Flanagan’s grandfather and father were on the force, the word is they pulled strings for him and hired a tutor to help him through the academy.”

The Tuna touches Reilly’s forearm, “I’ll be in touch. Ciao.” The Tuna walks back to the corner table.

Flanagan taps Reilly’s shoulder, “Is he hungry?”

“Why would you say that?” asks Reilly finishing his beer.

“He said chow. It must be close to dinner time. I could go for a burger,” says Flanagan.

Reilly says, “Good idea, a new In and Out opened on west side.”

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