🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ Love Never Comes Easy in the Neighborhood


Meanwhile back at The Lucky Canary . . .

Nick says, “No disrespect meant, Tuna, but I don’t think Tinzi should be part of this thing we’re gonna do. It’s not a good look for her to wear a fedora and black plastic glasses with a fake nose. If anybody can pull it off, it’s Tinzi.”  Nick hoping he’s dribbling the ball with either hand.

Tina picks up her icepick. The Tuna taps her forearm, he points at Tony, which means his crooked finger is aiming at Nick. The Tuna shakes his forefinger, “You questioning my judgement?”

Nick feels his heart move over to the passing lane, “Oops, Tuna. That was not my tension. My bad.”

“Intention,” says Legos.

Nick glances at Legos, “I don’t feel tense. When should I be in tension?”

Roxie taps Legos forearm, “You can’t win, why try?”

Legos says, “I’ve got to believe that there’s hope for him.”

Tuna says, “Beautiful broad, all you gotta do is do what you do. That’s what I need done. I’m gonna give you Yvonne’s number. You go see Yvonne, she’ll set you up with a look that’s gonna make Tommy Costa’s heart make his expensive silk shirt start thumping.”

“No, not Yvonne, Tinzi. You will be going where only a few women go and most of them never find their way back. Yvonne’s the only one I know made her way back from the dark hole,” says Nick.

“Why’s your eye twitching?” asks Tina.

“When Yvonne’s through with you, you’ll look like the gates of heaven opened and an angel walked into Costa’s Bistro. You’re strong, Tinzi, but no woman is that strong. You’ll have all the men hanging around you like you was the Powerball jackpot,” says Nick.

“Are you jealous, Nick?” asks Tina.

“Me, no,” says Nick. “I’m only trying to protect what you and me have.”

Tina says, “What I have is a guy who will not make a commitment. I have a guy who will not leave the neighborhood for a honeymoon. I have a guy who’s got no excitement about getting married. I think that covers it.”

“Cut me some slack, Tinzi. The only time I been out of the neighborhood was when I did three years at juvenile. I was homesick every day for the neighborhood,” says Nick.

“I am cutting you no more slack. My Nick is so jealous and worried sick he’s gonna lose me. Maybe you will unless you change your act,” says Tina. Tina takes her iPhone out of her handbag and taps Tuna’s arm, “What’s Yvonne’s number?” She glances at Nick, “Unless you know it by heart.”

Tony jumps in, “Nick knows it by heart because he gave it to me and he didn’t need to look at his phone.”

Tina gives Nick the death stare.

“I never call Yvonne, honest, Tinzi. Yvonne and me exchanged number in case she has an emergency.”

The Tuna raises both hands, “Enough, I don’t want a relationship squabble messing with what we got to do.”

Tina says, “Fine by me, but if you remember Yvonne’s number when we’re through, you and me are gonna have serious problems.”

Nick says, “I already forgot it.”

Roxie taps Legos forearm, “Love never comes easy in the neighborhood.”

Legos nods, “If it comes at all.”

The Tuna says, “Beautiful broad you do what I told you. Nick and Tony will be outside. They will take it from there. I’m gonna be in the car with Joey. I wanna watch. We’ll get together tomorrow at the usual time.”

“But, Tune, why can’t I drive Joey’s car. You said I was your driver,” asks Tony.

“Tone, I don’t’ got time for this. You do what you are supposed to the do the way you are supposed to do. If you don’t do what you are supposed to do the way you are supposed to do it, your driving days are over,” says the Tuna.

“I was only kidding,” says Tony.

“You boys got your fedoras and glasses?” asks the Tuna.

Nod. Nod.

“Make sure you wear them. I don’t want nobody recognizing you,” says the Tuna.

The door to The Lucky Canary opens.

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