🍎 Today’s Health Question ~ Ready to Get One of the COVID Vaccines? Here’s My Experience

I received the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. I read a number of stories of the adverse side effects. A friend received her second dose a day before me and reported fatigue and off and on chills. I asked her when her symptoms started. She reported about 20 hours after receiving the second shot. When I returned home from receiving the second dose I began drinking copious amounts of water (note: I’m not on meds and I rarely take any pain killers). I hoped the water might temper the side effects. I kept waking during the night checking for symptoms (bad decision, I ended up with a poor night’s sleep). My only side effect has been a sore arm. I didn’t let that stop me from doing pushups and several over weight bearing exercises. Bottom line: after taking with several friends who received either Moderna or Pfizer, get the vaccine, don’t be afraid of the side effects.

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