🐤 The Lucky Canary ~ It’s the Corner Table’s Version of Cool

The Next Afternoon at The Lucky Canary . . .

Roxie is sitting at the bar working on her evening blues repitoire. She glances up at Legos, “I’ve been a lot of places, I never seen crazy like I see crazy in the neighborhood. It’s a blues singer’s heaven.”

Legos is washing beer glasses, he pauses for a moment, “This place is the motherlode of blues’ songs. Hardly a day goes by without something hitting the Channel 4 Flash News.”

Roxie says, “Speaking of the Channel 4 Flash News, it’s about two-thirty, the corner table should be showing up any minute. That’s a blues album all by itself.”

Legos glances at the canary clock, “If the table shows up in the next ten minutes, you can bet your life savings Marcy Stankowski’s going to have breaking news at three.”

Roxie says, “How did she get that job? Listening to her is like listening to a bunch of fifteen-year-old teenagers.”

Legos sets a glass on a tray filled with clean glasses, “Marcy is not Rhodes Scholar material, but she knows how to stay on her boss’s good side.”

“Legos, life isn’t fair,” says Roxie.

“Yah, it’s not fair, but it is the way it is,” says Legos. Legos looks toward the door, “They’re here.”

The door to The Lucky Canary swings open.

Dog comes trotting in and slides to a stop. Dog makes a complimentary bark to Roxie and Legos.

Legos says, “Don’t say anything to encourage Dog.”

“He’s so cute, Legos. He’ll feel bad if I don’t say something, “Dog, you are a nice boy. Roxie has a treat for you.”

Dog understands the word treat. He trots over to Roxie, his tail moving to a funky blues beat. Roxie steps off her stool and hugs Dog. Dog does the obligatory, you can pet and love me bit. Roxie opens her right hand and lets Dog scoff three dog snacks off her palm with one sweep of his tongue.

“You’ll regret it,” says Legos smiling at Roxie.

“You’re a softy too,” says Roxie returning Legos’ smile.

Nick comes in The Lucky Canary after Dog. He’s followed by Tina, Tony, and the Tuna. The foursome walk over to the corner table. Tony pulls out the Tuna’s chair and assists the Tuna in sliding into the table.

“They’re quiet. Did something go wrong?” whispers Roxie.

Legos shakes his head. “Quiet means something went right. This is the table’s version of cool.”

The Tuna half turns toward the bar and nods at Legos.

Legos says, “I’m on it.”

Legos pulls out a large tray and sets it on the bar. He places four cans of cheap beer, a bottle of Jack Daniels and two shot glasses, a bottle of expensive red wine, a crystal wine glass, and bowls of salted peanuts and pretzels. Legos carries the tray over to the table, sets it down and sets the drinks and bowls on the table. He fills the Tuna’s crystal wine glass exactly one-quarter full.

Legos nods to the Tuna, “How’s it going?”

The Tuna nods, “It’s going good, Legos. I got a feeling it’s gonna get better. We’ll see.”

Legos gives a nod and heads back to the bar.

The door to The Lucky Canary flies open slamming against the wall. Two orange suits come through the open door and cross the floor dodging tables, heading toward the restrooms.

Nick says, “There goes Joey and Linda Pino. I got five bucks says Reilly and Flanagan show up any minute.”

Thirty seconds later Flanagan bursts through the door, gun drawn. He comes to an abrupt halt just inside The Lucky Canary, semi squats, holds his gun extended with two hands and sweeps The Lucky Canary.

Tony hollers, “Hey, Flanagan, you been watching too much TV. What are you looking for, cockroaches?”

Legos says, “We don’t have cockroaches, just a few guys going nowhere.”

Nick says, “I didn’t see any guys going nowhere.”

Flanagan straightens up and turns toward the table, “You guys seen two convicts come in wearing orange jump suits?”

“You talking about the Catholic school uniform? I don’t think they’re orange. Besides, Legos runs a legit joint, he don’t serve minors, shoe workers, or dock workers unless they pay cash.”

Tina jumps in, “Where’s Reilly? He let you fly solo?”

Flanagan points his gun toward his chin and ponders the question.

The Tuna says, “You’re gun loaded? Put it away before you hurt somebody.”

Flanagan says, “Good idea. Reilly won’t let me have real bullets until he thinks I’m ready.”

Roxie taps Legos’ arm, “Is this a sitcom?”

“Makes you wonder,” says Legos.

Flanagan checks his iWatch, “I’m jonesing a donut. I’m gonna go to the Donut King. They makes the best cream filled donuts in the city. If you see two orange jump suits, tell them to wait until I finish my break.”

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