🌾 Today’s Poem ~ Kindness


Edgar A. Guest

One never knows
How far a word of kindness goes;
One never sees
How far a smile of friendship flees.
Down, through the years,
The deed forgotten reappears.
One kindly word
The souls of many here has stirred.
Man goes his way
And tells with every passing day,
Until life’s end:
Once unto me he played the friend.”
We cannot say
What lips are praising us to-day.
We cannot tell
Whose prayers ask God to guard us well.
But kindness lives
Beyond the memory of him who gives.


    1. Thank you for your comments, Terveen. I was asked to write an article about my experience of being mentored in a prestigious journal. I told the editor I didn’t think I had any mentors. The editor told me to think about it. I recalled that at the right moment in my life I had three people who touched my life and made all the difference. They became the story I told in my article. I titled the article, “Friends Along the Journey.” I remember, with great fondness, their kindnesses. Here’s hoping you have many friends along your journey. Ray

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