💡 Something to Think About

Walk away from those who have all the answers and closed minds. Walk toward those who question, doubt, and are willing to learn and change.


  1. There is a book authored by John Freeman titled ‘Tales of Two Americas”, although my personal viewpoint is similar to the comment we are reviewing, the truth is rather harsh in case of Two Americas as noted by John Freeman. The innate divisions, racism and marginalized communities in America can’t follow the liberal thinking agenda. Something to think about !

    1. Thank you for your comment. In my experience, I’ve found those with rigid views are not open to new data nor are they willing to entertain the potential fallacies in their thinking. Have a great day. Stay healthy. Stay strong. Ray

      1. Ray, I totally concur with you. Being a DC native for 30 plus years, it was quite a shocker for me on a personal level to view the rigidity both in policy and practice, during my short stay in MS, AL and Louisiana, that drives the divisions and creates a society that doesn’t resemble the free thinking Ametica I was accustomed to . I guess we have to invite those who uphold the rigid views into our circles and let them experience the liberation in human experiences on their own.
        Thanks for your comments and sending you well wishes from the heart .

      2. Fazia, The past few years it seems that I’ve been talking to more people, left and right, whose views are so fixed there is no room for growth. I like to think engagement in non judgmental dialogue leads to greater understanding and learning. Who knows, when we engage in dialogue, we may even meet a new friend. Have a great and safe 4th. Ray

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