🍎 Today’s Health Question ~ How Can We Bolster Our Immune System?

6 Ways to Build a Stronger Immune System

1. Move that body. When you exercise, not only do your muscles get stronger, you also prepare your cardiovascular system too.

2. Eat well. Add antioxidants and immune boosting foods to your diet. Making it β€˜colorful’ with berries, avocados, nuts, carrots and other veggies and fruits will give you a full plate of vitamins and minerals.

3. Sleep.Β Sleep helps reboot our systems, and it can help release cytokines, a protein that can help the immune system fight off infections.

4. Go outside. The sun not only gives you Vitamin D, but it can also lift your mood which is good for your body.

5. Decrease your stress. Stress releases hormones that can impair our immune systems. Try to take a few minutes every day to do some deep breathing or meditation. And turn off the news – it can contribute to anxiety, especially with all that’s going on.

6. Make sure you socialize. Relationships are so important, connect to family, friends, neighbors. Make an effort to build your social networks.


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