✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ Learn to Let Go

“Write often. . . .Then, learn to let go. Let go of old drafts that aren’t going anywhere, or scenes that don’t work. Don’t spend months tweaking a fundamentally flawed project when you can move on to the wonderful new projects that are percolating in your head. The ‘you must start what you finish’ attitude—although admirable—can actually be a pitfall, because it prevents you from taking a necessary course correction when you need it.” ~ Leslie Lutz


    1. Terveen, thanks for your insights and comments. When I worked with doctoral students at OSU, the most difficult task I had was convincing them to cut, cut, and cut some more as they wrote their dissertation. My students were in love with their work, which made cutting difficult. When they defended their dissertation, they came to understand that cutting made their dissertation much stronger. I think I’ll head to the cutting board on my current project, ouch, that hurts. LOL Have a great day. Shine on. Ray

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