🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Do You Have Racing Thoughts at Night?

How to Stop Your Mind From Racing at Bedtime


  1. Schedule a Check-In During the Day – Sometimes our brains spin at night because we haven’t addressed our daytime anxiety. “Taking time during the day to pause and mindfully check in with our thoughts, body and emotions allows us to clear space so it does not accumulate and bombard us at night.”
  2. The nervous system needs cues to let the body know it is time for sleep. . . .Β Before you can drift off to dreamland, your body needs downtime to decompress. Turn off your electronic devices and setting aside at least 30 minutes for relaxing activities before bed (think: meditation, reading or a warm bath or shower).
  3. Keep a notebook beside your bed. – Write down your anxious thoughts so you can release them.


Note: Livestrong.com is the source for this information. By clicking on source you can read the entire article. Happy dreams.

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