🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Understanding the Difference Between Good Carbs & Bad Carbs

Bad Carbs. These are carbohydrates that have many of their necessary nutrients removed. Simple carbs are digested quickly, causing spikes in blood sugar and making you feel hungry sooner. The short-lived fullness leads to overeating, weight gain, and conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.Β Popular foods with simple carbs include: White bread, enriched or refined pasta, enriched or refined dough, pastries, and white rice .

Good Carbs. They are often packed with nutritional layers like bran and fiber that make you digest them slower. Not digesting as fast also leads to a slow but steady release of glucose, preventing spikes in blood sugar.

Opting for a whole grain alternatives . . . provides two major benefits. First, you get the same food but as a complex carb and with all the benefits that accompany it. Second, you are less likely to eat something processed that has a lot of added sugars.


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