🌾 Today’s Poem ~ Let It Be Forgotten

Let it Be Forgotten

Sara Teasdale
Let it be forgotten, as a flower is forgotten,
Forgotten as a fire that once was singing gold.
Let it be forgotten forever and ever,
Time is a kind friend, he will make us old.

If anyone asks, say it was forgotten
Long and long ago,
As a flower, as a fire, as a hushed footfall
In a long-forgotten snow.

Note: I like this poem because it speaks of forgiveness to me. When my wife was alive and we’d go to Sunday mass and the priest would ask the congregation to remember their sins and ask God for forgiveness, I would turn to my wife and ask her forgiveness for any way I hurt her during the week. She’d look at me and say, “I don’t remember.” Wow! Liberating.

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