👊 Today’s Power Thought ~ Ride Your Own Star

If you’re seeking happiness and joy, ride your own star. Don’t hang on to someone’s else’s star. You’ll get a bit of their light, but you’ll get mostly shadow. If you ride your own star, hang on, it’ll be quite a ride and it will be all yours.


    1. Terveen, thank you for your comments. Much appreciated. I had a colleague who tied his destiny to a senior colleague even to the point of buying similar model sports cars. When his star left the university, he was on his own and he didn’t know how to swim. He built an illusion and his illusion disappeared. It takes lots of courage to ride your own star. It may take you to surprising and wonderful places.Many don’t have the courage. Taking a tip from Alice in Wonderland, Alice says, “This is impossible.” The Mad Hatter answers, “Only if you believe it is.” Follow your star. Shine on! Ray

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