💡 Something to Think About

It’s never about me. It’s always about we. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we discover we are in relationship with someone. If I’m driving,I’m in relationship with everyone traveling on the same route as me. If I am watching a TV show, I am relationship with the actors and those who produced the show. Get the idea? We figure things out together or not at all.


    1. Terveen, Thank you for your comments. Relationships, relationships, relationships, they are the beginning and end of each day. My day begins with prayer (a relationship). I connect with daughters (relationships), I work on my blog (relationships with readers).I’m reading an adventure/thriller. I’m enjoying it because of the relationships the author created. Relationships are not for the timid, they are for the courageous who understand the power within them. Shine on. Ray

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