🌾 Today’s Poem ~ Getting Set

Getting Set

Grantland Rice

WHEN morning brings the end of sleep
I say, “This is my toughest day
I’ll find the shadows dark and deep,
With raw Fate on the right of way
So when Misfortune stops and hails
I do not meet him with a curse ;
I’m propped against the roughest gales,
Since I had figured something worse,

I underwrite the loudest crash
That may befall the erring soul,
And if by chance things go to smash,
I’ve been in training for the role.
But if my path escapes the muck
And I come on a kinder fate,
Or get an even break in luck
I say, “What, ho i But this is great !”

It’s all in how the mind is set,
And so it’s well enough to know
Most days are rainy, dark and wet
Or wind-swept, with a hint of snow;
And if by chance the sun breaks through
To dance among the fading vines
From just one narrow slit of blue,
It’s all the brighter when it shines.


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