🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Is Pasta a Healthy Choice?

Healthy Reasons to Eat Pasta

Pasta is often made out to be a guilty pleasure. But it actually boasts a number of health benefits that make it a true good-for-you food when eaten in the right amounts. Pasta is associated with a significantly better diet quality overall, as well as a greater intake of so-called “shortfall nutrients,” including: folate, magnesium, and dietary fiber. Nutrients that are under-consumed and are a public health concern are known as shortfall nutrients. Research in Frontiers in Nutrition also shows that people who eat pasta have lower daily intakes of saturated fat and added sugar than non-pasta eaters. Although we don’t know exactly why, we think it may be because those who incorporate pasta as part of a balanced diet are less likely to feel deprived and, therefore, less likely to binge when presented with the opportunity to eat pasta. . . . Pasta is a wonderful, delicious, nutritious part of any diet. As long as you remember to watch your portions, you should be able to enjoy this staple of Italian cuisine as part of a balanced healthy diet.


Note: I grew up in an Italian family and ate pasta at least four times a week. I may be biased. LOL

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