✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ Which Story are You Telling?

“Borges said there are only four stories to tell: a love story between two people, a love story between three people, the struggle for power and the voyage. All of us writers rewrite these same stories ad infinitum.”

~  Paolo Coelho



    1. Terveen, thanks for your comments. Have you read Paulo Coelho? He’s a Brazilian author and his novels grab hold of you. I discovered him by accident and found many truths in his writings. My take on his quote is that the essential plot lines are similar it’s all about the characters and how real we can make them. I recall reading the 82nd Precinct series by Ed McBain (He died a few years back). When he died I felt as as if I lost friends in the characters he created. Have a great day. Shine on. Ray

      1. I have read a couple of his books. They were wonderful. And a reader making a deep connection with the elements of a book is a job well done by the author. Thank you so much, Ray. 🙂

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