💡 New Ideas ~ Sketching Ideas Brings Ideas to Life

Draw Your Ideas to Generate More Ideas

Can’t draw? That’s OK. Symbols and stick figures work well. This article Hand-Sketching: Things You Didn’t Know Your Doodles Could Accomplish encourages hand-sketching to externalize your ideas. Try it. Many creative people doodle, often without realizing that they’re doing it. You can doodle deliberately to generate fresh ideas from combinations of ideas.




    1. Terveen, Thank you for your comments. Have you heard of mind mapping? I was introduced to some years ago in a book by Tony Buzan. I am right brained and the concept immediately made sense to me. I was able to mind map my academic books and journal articles. I found it a vehicle to free the creative wanderings of my mind. Have a great day. Shine on. Ray

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