🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Stuff Healthy People Do

What Do Healthy People Do?

  • They look on the bright side – Healthy people are more optimistic than unhealthy people. They don’t waste time and energy complaining. If they think they need to make a change in their life, they do it. They know that a positive mental attitude goes a long way toward promoting other healthy behaviors in their lives.
  • Healthy people enjoy exercising.
  • Healthy people make health a priority – This is perhaps the most important habit of healthy people. They make a conscious choice to be healthy.
  • Healthy people surround themselves with healthy people – Healthy people have a tendency to participate in healthy behaviors with folks who share their sentiments. 
  • Healthy people eat healthy snacks – healthy people choose to eat snacks like raw almonds, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. 


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