🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Having Trouble Sleeping?

It Might be Time to Give Up Caffeine & Other Stimulants

Caffeine (found in coffee, black tea, energy drinks and chocolate) and nicotine are well-known stimulants of the central nervous system and have an obvious detrimental effect on sleep. Even a cup of coffee in the morning can affect your ability to get to sleep 16 hours later.

Meanwhile, alcohol is a well-known sedative used commonly to hasten sleep, but in fact it is highly disruptive to normal sleep patterns. Moreover, as the effect of the alcohol wears off over a few hours, most people are awoken by headaches, sweating, dehydration and the need to urinate.

Reducing or eliminating your intake of these chemicals can have a major impact on your sleep quality and duration. If you must indulge, try to do so at least four hours before bedtime.


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