🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ What Foods Should You Eat When You Crave Sugar?

Foods to Eat When You Get the Sugar Cravings

  1. Fruit. Fruit is a great source of fiber, which can help balance blood sugar levels. . . .The type of sugar in fruits is called fructose, and fructose has shown to have little effect on blood sugar levels when taken in moderation. . . .And while it won’t cause a huge spike in blood sugar levels because of the fiber, the natural sugars will still give you your sweet fix. . . .Consider berries like raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.
  2. Protein. The key is to pair fruits with protein. Combining the two into one meal can help you keep your blood sugar balanced. Research shows that eating more protein can reduce food cravings.
  3. Drinking Water. If you’ve gone a long time without drinking water, you may start craving something sweet, even if you’re not hungry. Thirst and dehydration are often confused as hunger and may lead to sugar cravings. Drinking more water has been associated with fewer food cravings and feelings of hunger, per October 2018 research in ​Physiology and Behavior​.



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