✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ How do you Write?

“How do you write? You write, man, you write, that’s how, and you do it the way the old English walnut tree puts forth leaf and fruit every year by the thousands. … If you practice an art faithfully, it will make you wise, and most writers can use a little wising up.” ~ William Saroyan 



    1. Hi Terveen, When I began my career in academe I ask three professors from different disciplines what I need to do to be successful. they all said the same thing: Publish, publish, publish. That’s what I did. I researched, wrote, rewrote, and often rewrote again and again. I think I wore the journal editors out with my submissions (LOL). I published more than 100 scholarly articles. I learned a lot from writing and a lot more from my critics (although it was painful). Have a great weekend and put your shine on! Ray

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