💡 Something to Think About 

Wherever you are in your life, keep on grinding, keep on going, don’t give up, don’t give discouragement the upper hand. You are destined for better things. Good things are heading your way. With your hard work, no quit attitude, and patient endurance you’ll surprise all who are watching you.

Today’s Smile 😃

Joe: “I told my psychologist that I think I’m psychic.

Pete: What did your psychologist say?”

Joe: “She asked me when I first experienced being psychic. I said, Next Tuesday.”

🌾 Today’s Poem ~ A Lover’s Quarrel

A Lover’s Quarrel

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We two were lovers, the Sea and I;
We plighted our troth ‘neath a summer sky.
And all through the riotous, ardent weather
We dreamed, and loved, and rejoiced together.
At times my lover would rage and storm.
I said: ‘No matter, his heart is warm.’
Whatever his humour, I loved his ways,
And so we lived through the golden days.
I know not the manner it came about,
But in the autumn we two fell out.
Yet this I know-’twas the fault of the Sea,
And was not my fault, that he changed to me.
I lingered as long as a woman may
To find what her lover will do or say.
But he met my smiles with a sullen frown,
And so I turned to the wooing Town.
Oh, bold was this suitor, and blithe as bold!
His look was as bright as the Sea’s was cold.
As the Sea was sullen, the Town was gay;
He made me forget for a winter day.
For a winter day and a winter night
He laughed my sorrow away from sight.
And yet, in spite of his mirth and cheer,
I knew full well he was insincere.
And when the young buds burst on the tree,
The old love woke in my heart for the Sea.
Pride was forgotten-I knew, I knew,
That the soul of the Sea, like my own, was true.
I heard him calling, and lo! I came,
To find him waiting, for ever the same.
And when he saw me, with murmurs sweet
He ran to meet me, and fell at my feet.
And so again ‘neath a summer sky
We have plighted our troth, the Sea and I.


✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ Write Yourself into Corners

There’s nothing like a stunning twist or shock to keep readers flipping, clicking or swiping pages. Part of the fun for readers is thinking a story is going one way, and getting taken completely by surprise.

Harlan Coben is one of the reigning kings of the art of surprise. “I’ve rarely met a twist I didn’t like,” he has said. His method, if it can be called that, is to write himself “into a lot of corners” and see how things work out. That’s one way to go. Forcing your writer’s mind to deal with conundrums is a great practice.


👊 Today’s Power Thought ~ Stay the Course

Patience is a virtue, yet it is hard to come by. When we’re patient we’re able to push forward even when the finish line is not in sight. When we’re patient we are driven by an inner faith and confidence that the course we’ve chosen will get us to our destination. Stay the course, be patient, you’ll get there.

🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Tip to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Mix Things Up

Remember trying to talk backwards as a child? Researchers at Duke University created exercises they call “neurobics,” which challenge your brain to think in new ways. Since your five senses are key to learning, use them to exercise your mind. If you’re right-handed, try using your left hand. Drive to work by another route. Close your eyes and see if you can recognize food by taste.


🤗 A Better Life ~ Helping Hands

When we get down, we can stay down or rise again. There are times when we fall that we have to grab hold of a helping hand to rise. Grab hold of it. When you’re back, you’ll extend a helping hand to another who wants to get up from a fall. 

🌞 Today’s Inspiration ~ Don’t Let Fear Stop You

“One cannot refuse to eat just because there is a chance of being choked.”

~  Chinese proverb


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