💡 Something to Think About

I like independent thinkers, folks who are not afraid of questioning. Thinking for ourselves is an important human right. When we forfeit our way of thinking for someone else’s thinking, we forfeit control over our lives. Question, question, and question. Seek the truth the best you can. When we think for ourselves we may stumble and fall, but it is our stumble and fall, we’ll learn from it. 

👊 Today’s Power Thought ~ Seeing the Dark Side

It’s easy to see the darkness in others and condemn them. It’s more difficult to see the darkness in ourselves. Not to worry, it’s there. When we see the darkness in ourselves, we can more easily forgive ourselves and others.

🤗 A Better Life ~ Make Your Community a Happier Place

Be the first to offer a smile, thank you, excuse me, good morning or good afternoon greeting to all who pass your way today. You’ll be making your community a happier place. 

🌞 Today’s Inspiration ~ It’s All Around Us

“Find the good. It’s all around you. Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it.”

~ Jesse Owens


✒️ Writers’ Wisdom ~ Creating a Writing Space

Cooks know there’s something called a mise en place: You read the recipe, if there is one, and assemble your tools and ingredients. It’s another way of saying that the cooking begins before you begin cooking.

The same thing is true for writing. The writer’s mise en place is in fact a place. Do you have a place where you can think, where you can dream and explore? A private office is wonderful, but it isn’t essential. I’ve written several books on various dining room tables. . . . Your writer’s mise en place will help you settle into your creative mind, reduce outside distractions, and signal to your subconscious that you’re about to begin. Instead of avoiding all the heavy thinking and struggling that you might be putting off, you can let the physical world gently lead you into the story.


Starting a Healthy Eating Habit

Focus on a Mediterranean-style diet of eating for optimum heart health. The Mediterranean diet is abundant in fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and seeds. Starting off with eating more meatless meals will definitely get you closer to heart health. Incorporating beans, legumes, any kind of nuts and seeds, and meatless products like tofu, tempeh, if you want to get adventurous into your diet a little more regularly. I generally say start with one meatless meal a week, replacing a meal of meat, ideally red meat, with a meatless meal. ~ Julia Zumpano, Registered Dietitian 


🌾 Today’s Poem ~ Why Do I Love You, Sir?

Why Do I Love You, Sir

Emily Dickinson

“Why do I love” You, Sir?
Because —
The Wind does not require the Grass
To answer — Wherefore when He pass
She cannot keep Her place.

Because He knows — and
Do not You —
And We know not —
Enough for Us
The Wisdom it be so —

The Lightning — never asked an Eye
Wherefore it shut — when He was by —
Because He knows it cannot speak —
And reasons not contained —
— Of Talk —
There be — preferred by Daintier Folk —

The Sunrise — Sire — compelleth Me —
Because He’s Sunrise — and I see —
Therefore — Then —
I love Thee —


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