🍎 Today’s Health Tip ~ Kissing Has Substantial Health Benefits

Kissing Is Good for Your Health

  1. Turns out that kissing β€” even your family and friends β€” has loads of mental and physical benefits that make getting your smooch on totally worth it. Here’s what the science says.
  2. Kissing boosts your happy hormones – Kissing triggers your brain to release a cocktail of chemicals that leave you feeling oh so good by igniting the pleasure centers of the brain.
  3. Kissing helps you bond with the other person – Oxytocin is a chemical linked to pair bonding. The rush of oxytocin released when you kiss causes feelings of affection and attachment.
  4. Kissing can reduce your cortisol levels β€” potentially improving your feelings of self-worth.
  5. Kissing relieves stress – kissing also lowers cortisol levels and stress. Kissing and other affectionate communication, like hugging and saying β€œI love you,” impacts the physiological processes related to stress management.
  6. Kissing can improve your immune system – Swapping spit can boost your immunity by exposing you to new germs that strengthen your immune system. One 2014 study found that couples that kiss frequently share the same microbiota in their saliva and on their tongues.
  7. Kissing, regardless of whom you’re kissing, can have a positive impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing.
  8. Kissing makes both parties feel good about themselves and can help strengthen relationships of all kinds, so kiss and kiss often. It’s good for you!


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