👍 Today’s Good Word ~ Calm

Calm – Def: (1) peaceful, quiet, and without worry; (2) without hurried movement or noise.

I like to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park. When I visit I find my way to Bear Lake. Bear Lake is at 9449 (2880 m)  feet of elevation. The lake’s surface is calm without so much as a ripple. One feels one could walk across the lake without getting wet. I like to sit on a bench and gaze at the calm surface. The lake reflects the images of the surrounding mountains. Sitting there gives me a sense of peace and calm. My thinking slows down, my heart rate drops. We all need a Bear Lake in our lives. We need to find that special spot that helps us to regain a sense of calm. I hope you have one where you can sit and close your eyes and go to your personal version of Bear Lake.


    1. Hi Terveen, Yes, we all need our Bear Lake. It’s a place where serenity comes as easy as breathing. You and your family would really enjoy the Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes, CO). There are many serene views. Here’s hoping your weekend is filled to overflowing with love, joy, and laughter. Ray

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