💡 Something to Think About

None of us are strangers to the storms. They happen. We know the storms don’t last, their power ebbs. They may have knocked us down, but we’ll take their lessons, grow stronger, and laugh at them. We took their best shot and we’re still standing. Oh, yes we are still standing. We can lift our eyes and look toward tomorrow where the clouds will move out and the sun shine on us. 


    1. Hi Terveen, Yes, we all take our turn walking in the storms. Some are brief showers and some are blizzards. In another day when I lived in a far northern climate, each January when the temperature hovered around or below zero and the wind chill even lower, I’d take off my shirt and go outside and face the wind and I’d say, “I’m taking your best shot and I’m still standing.” One thing is certain, we are stronger than our storms. Shine on. Ray

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